Digital Voltmeter

Model V-24


Product Description

Technical Specifications:
Scales: 20 VDC
Resolution: 10 mV
Accuracy: 0.5 %
Maximum Reading: 1999
Protection: Electronic
Color (overlay label): Yellow
Power: 9V Battery (NEDA 1604) included
Battery Life: 200 hours of continuous use
Automatic Polarity: A minus sign appears on the display to indicate that the polarity is reversed
Battery Indicator: Appears on the display to indicate the battery needs to be replaced
Color (casing): Yellow
Dimensions: (L x W x H) 88 x 170 x 38 mm
Weight: 315 g
Guarantee: 2 years, parts and labor

This single-function digital meter has been especially designed to withstand extreme student abuse. To reduce risks of connection errors, the overlay label features a series of indications including practical hints to help students understand what they are doing during the experiment as well as a diagram showing how to connect the meter in the circuit.