Ray Box


Product Description

This Ray Box is powerful enough to allow the visualization of light rays under normal ambient lighting conditions. Model SL-20 can emit a wide light beam or 1, 3 or 5 narrow rays depending upon which magnetized card is placed on the front panel of the unit (4 cards are included).

This unit contains a light bulb that has a vertically placed straight filament. The light is collected by a vertically placed cylinder lens located on the front plate of the unit that transmits the light outside the unit as a wide light beam.

The use of a cylinder lens that has its axis parallel to the bulb’s filament allows the light beam generated outside the unit to be focused horizontally but not vertically, which allows it to “slide” onto a white sheet of paper placed in front of the unit.

This allows the student to plot the paths of the light beams in order to measure the angles of reflection or refraction as well as to graphically measure the focal point of lenses and mirrors.

Model SL-20 allows for the study of the convergence and divergence of light through the use of a series of magnetized cards.

These cards can generate one, three, or five parallel rays that project onto a horizontal surface so as to observe their divergence when they pass through a concave or convex lens, or when they are reflected by a concave or convex mirror.

This experiment will allow students to graphically determine the focal point of the lens or mirror that is being used.

When using one of the cards with narrow light beams, this unit allows for the study of refraction of light through a block of glass or some other transparent medium.

Ref. 3-3303
Input Voltage 120 VAC ±10%
Power Consumption 35 W max
Light Source 21 W incandescent lamp
Standard Accessories Set of four magnetized cards allowing for the creation of the following luminous objects:
1 narrow light-ray
1 wide light-ray
3 narrow light-rays
5 narrow light-rays
Color Black
Dimensions 150 x 75 x 75 mm (L x W x H)
Weight 800 g
Guarantee 2 years, parts and labor
CSA Approved