LRB-12 Laser Raybox

Select 5 or 3 beam output


Product Description

Introduce your students to different optical phenomenon with the LRB-12 Laser Ray Box. This compact model can project one, three or five separate laser light rays thanks to a three-position switch located on the back.

The LRB-12 Laser Ray Box uses diode lasers as the light source, and projects rays that can be easily observed, even under bright lighting conditions.

These low-power beams produce less than 0.5 mW of optical power at 1 inch from the source, which makes the unit safe for student use in the classroom.

The LRB-12 is ideal for studying the trajectory of light beams in an optical system thanks to the linear projection of the laser and its geometric properties (demonstration of the reflection and refraction of light). Use it with fiber optics to really impress your students.

Since the LRB-12 emits a low-power beam, it is perfectly safe for use in the lab, or for independent student use.

Furthermore, the diode laser is enclosed in a protective case to prevent any serious damage should the unit be dropped or mishandled by students.

The LRB-12 has five diode lasers. The linear beam of each laser is transformed into a vertical beam (divergence ~250 mrad). It generates exceptional visibility because the beams are laser light (coherent and monochromatic).

This Laser Source can be used in the lab for numerous experiments, most notably to:
– study the reflection and refraction of light
– demonstrate that a laser beam is monochromatic and cannot be dispersed.

Ref. 3-3350
Input Voltage 120 VAC
Power Consumption 6 W max
Laser Source 5 x Laser diodes
Wavelength 670 nm (red)
Max Output 0.5 mW (C.D.R.H. Class II)
Casing Color Grey
Dimensions 94 x 155 x 36 mm (L x W x H)
Weight 480 g
Guarantee 1 year, parts and labor