Zoom 6.7-50x Magnification/SBS-1 Stand with LED Ring Light

Product Description

Zoom stereo microscope model SPZ-50 on boom stand model SBS-1 offers superior quality optics and very reliable mechanical components. This exceptional quality allows users to efficiently perform tasks and maintain high productivity. It is possible to upgrade the head to a trinocular version to accept all types of cameras. It is also possible to upgrade stand model SBS-1 to larger and different types of stands.

Trinocular Multiview: eyepieces & camera function simultaneously, standard C-Mount

Auxiliary Lenses will increase or decrease magnification while inversely affecting working distance: NSAL0.5x reduces magnification to 3.35-25x while doubling the working distance to 225mm. NSAL2x will double magnification to 13.4-100x while reducing working distance to 41mm.

Product Specs

  • Eyepiece: WF10x Stereo (DHW10x) FN:23
  • Magnification: 6.7x to 50x Zoom
  • Field of View: 34.3mm – 4.6mm
  • Working Distance: 108mm
  • Body: Small Boom Stand Model SBS-1
  • Illumination: Built-in LED Ring Light with Dimmer
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