Olympus BX43- Demo


The modular BX43 microscope enables you to choose between cost-efficient and advanced configurations, depending on your needs. This particular unit is comprised of some new and some demo components. It is in excellent condition and a bargain compared to buying new.

BX43TF Frame with U-LHLEDC-1-2 Transmitted White LED

5RES; 5-Position Coded Nosepiece

U-SVRB-4 Mechanical Stage Right Hand with U-HLDT-4 Slide Holder

U-TR30-2-2, Trinocular Observation Tube with WHN10X-1-8 Eyepieces FN22

U-TV0.5XC-3, Olympus C-Mount 0.5x Camera Adapter

U-SC3-8, Swing Condenser NA 0.9/0.17, 1.25X-100X Coverage

PLN4X - PLAN Achro 4X FN22, NA0.10, WD 18.5mm

PLN10XCY - PLAN Achro 10X FN22, W/ND FILTER, NA0.25, WD 10.6MM

PLN20XCY - PLAN Achro 20X FN22, W/INT EQU, NA0.40, WD 1.2MM

PLN40X - PLAN Achro 40X FN22, NA 0.65, WD .6MM

PLN100XO - PLAN Achro 100x Oil Objective, NA1.25 WD 0.15MM

6 MP Professional Microscope Camera Model MIChrome 6

OMT-010C - Olympus Anti-Static Cloth Cover for BX