Nikon Eclipse Ci-L PLUS


The ECLIPSE Ci series microscopes offer a bright field of view, high durability, comfortable posture for prolonged observation and various illumination techniques for clinical and laboratory applications.

Nikon Eclipse Ci-L PLUS model consisting of the following components:

Nikon Ci-L Microscope Body LED

Ergo Bino Tube with (optional) C-TEP3 0.55x C-Mount

C-SR2S Right Handle Stage w/2S Holder

CFI 10X Eyepiece, FN22 (Pair)

PLAN 4x Obj, N.A. 0.1, WD 30mm

PLAN 10x Obj, N.A. 0.25, WD 10.5mm

PLAN 20x Obj, N.A. 0.4 WD 1.2mm

PLAN 40x Obj, N.A. 0.65, W.D. 0.56mm

PLAN 50x Oil N.A. 0.9 WD 0.35mm

PLAN 100x Oil N.A. 1.25, WD 0.2mm FOV 22mm

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