Basic Zoology


List of 15 Slides contained in “Basic Zoology”

  • B17109-01 Hair Follicle, Human
  • B17109-02 Skeletal Muscle
  • B17109-03 Kidney
  • B17109-04 Taste Bud
  • B17109-05 Earth Worm
  • B17109-06 Artery & Vein
  • B17109-07 Sperm, Human Smear
  • B17109-08 Lung Section
  • B17109-09 Gill, Fresh Water Fish
  • B17109-10 Frog Skin, Pigment Cell
  • B17109-11 Frog Egg, Early Cleavage
  • B17109-12 Lymph Node Section
  • B17109-13 Ovary, Mammal
  • B17109-14 Nerve Cell
  • B17109-15 Simple Squamous Epithelium


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