B17112 Human Physiology


List of  16 Slides contained in “Human Physiology”

  • B17112-01 Human Salivary Gland
  • B17112-02 Human Squamous Epithelium
  • B17112-03 Human Stomach
  • B17112-04 Human Liver
  • B17112-05 Human Skin, sweat gland
  • B17112-06 Human Skin, section
  • B17112-07 Bone Marrow, red
  • B17112-08 Human Bone
  • B17112-09 Human Muscle, cardia
  • B17112-10 Human Muscle, striated
  • B17112-11 Human Cerebrum
  • B17112-12 Human Blood, Smear, Wright Stain
  • B17112-13 Human Tonsil
  • B17112-14 Human Lung
  • B17112-15 Human Sperm
  • B17112-16 Human Testis


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