B17110 Mammalian Physiology


List of  15 Slides contained in “Mammalian Physiology”

  • B17110-01 Human Lung with Cancer
  • B17110-02 Human Lung Tissue
  • B17110-03 Epithelial Tissue
  • B17110-04 Lymph Node with cancer cells
  • B17110-05 B17110-01 Decalcified Bone
  • B17110-06 Liver, mammal
  • B17110-07 Human Nerves
  • B17110-08 Cerebral Cortex
  • B17110-09 Skeletal Muscle
  • B17110-10 Rabbit Ovary
  • B17110-11 Ovum, mammal
  • B17110-12 Sperm
  • B17110-13 Spermary
  • B17110-14 Human red and white blood cells
  • B17110-15 Artery and vein


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