B17108 Basic Botany


List of 15 Slides contained in “Microbial World”

  • B17108-01 Onion Root Tip, Mitosis
  • B17108-02 Lichens Foliose Body
  • B17108-03 Monocot & Dicot Stem
  • B17108-04 Fern Leaf
  • B17108-05 Pinus Xylem
  • B17108-06 Pinus Young Male Cone (l.s.)
  • B17108-07 Pinus Young Female Cone (l.s.)
  • B17108-08 Pumpkin Stem (l.s.)
  • B17108-09 Pumpkin Stem (t.s.)
  • B17108-10 Zea Mays Root (t.s.)
  • B17108-11 Zea Mays Root (l.s.)
  • B17108-12 Triticum Aestivum Leaf
  • B17108-13 Lilium Browni
  • B17108-14 Pollen Tube Budding (w.m.)
  • B17108-15 Zea Mays Seed (l.s.)

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