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                What’s to do when school is out? On the first day that my two grandchildren (5 and 10 yrs old) arrived, we went for a nature walk. Equipped with a capture jar, we found a caterpillar egg case (forest tent caterpillars), many Woolly Bear caterpillars and several […]


Fun, Low Organization Educational Activities that can be done at home. As parents comply with the restrictions placed on families, how can they keep their young children occupied? This article describes two fun activities that require very little planning. They involve physical activity, practice with observational skills, and an awareness of nature. This is intended […]

Reproductive Systems

By: Dave Gervais - 01-2-2020 Curriculum Connection: Grade 10 Tissues, Organs and Systems of Living Things Gr 11 Biology: Genetics (oogenesis, meiosis) Getting the sample: Chicken farmers generally slaughter their animals in the fall. A list of provincially licensed meat plants can be found on the Ministry of Ontario Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs website. […]

Insect Dissection; Tracheal Ducts: A great activity for high school students

By: Dave Gervais - 30-12-2019 SBI 3U/3C Grade 10: Tissues, Organs and Living SystemsSBI 3U Grade 11: Animals: Structure and Function SVN 3M Grade 12: Forestry and Agriculture Choosing an insect: While insect tracheal ducts are generally very small, those located where the muscle activity is intense are considerably larger. Choose an appropriate flying insect, […]