Reproductive Systems

By: Dave Gervais - 01-2-2020 Curriculum Connection: Grade 10 Tissues, Organs and Systems of Living Things Gr 11 Biology: Genetics (oogenesis, meiosis) Getting the sample: Chicken farmers generally slaughter their animals in the fall. A list of provincially licensed meat plants can be found on the Ministry of Ontario Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs website. […]

Insect Dissection; Tracheal Ducts: A great activity for high school students

By: Dave Gervais - 30-12-2019 SBI 3U/3C Grade 10: Tissues, Organs and Living SystemsSBI 3U Grade 11: Animals: Structure and Function SVN 3M Grade 12: Forestry and Agriculture Choosing an insect: While insect tracheal ducts are generally very small, those located where the muscle activity is intense are considerably larger. Choose an appropriate flying insect, […]