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About Valley Microscopes

Valley Microscope is dedicated to providing fine scientific instruments & supplies for industry & education. We offer expert service, excellent value & strong after sales support to customers worldwide. We specialize in microscopes, electronic balances & other scientific products. To contact us or to place an order please send your inquiries to:


Starting out as a small family business in 1985 Valley Microscope has grown into a well respected and trusted brand. In 1995 Valley Microscope joined forces with Carton Optical Industries of Tokyo Japan successfully becoming their exclusive dealer across North America. This partnership brought the famous VS/CJ microscopes to the educational market and the now discontinued but famous Adlerblick binoculars to customers world wide. We also introduced their stereo microscope brand to the electronics industry quickly becoming the industry leading preferred models like the NSW/DSZ/SPZ stereo microscopes. This portfolio was sold to the JW Corporation in 2021 and all Carton products are now available through their website: